Internship seeker Vespucci Molfetta on

commercial diver, rov pilot, mechanical expert, health supervisior, engine officer

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Date of last connection: 2018-06-28
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Mr. Di... Fr...
19123 La Spezia

Prepared job(s): : Not clear


School: Vespucci 76012 Molfetta

Education level: 7th year

Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +6
Last diploma : rov piolot - commercial diver - health supervisor - mechanical expert - engine officer
Current educational level : +6
Prepared job(s): : Not clear

Duration of the internship: 14
Beginning of the internship: 14
2004-09-01 2018-09-01
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods :

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
Italian : Working language

Cover letter

. I am currently working as commercial
diver in the field of mechanical expert with responsability also about work safety and fisrt aid responsible and
supervisor on marine engines and have 15 years’ professional experience in the field as well
as mechanical expert (design
and construction), engine’s officer and
commercial diver technician.

I feel that my skill set is ideally
suited to the position. I would relish the new career challenges this role
would present and would be very interested in offering your company the benefit
of my experience to date.

I believe I would fit in very well with
the company culture. I note that fluency in English is a core requirement of
this role; I have strong written and spoken English language skills gained
through working in different places and with people of others lengauge and
culture after studied english and others lenguages , as well as mother-tongue
competency in Italian. Additionally, flexibility,
precision, adaptation, proactivity, problem solving and work both in groups and
alone, make my figure complete

I have attached a copy of my CV, which
outlines how my qualifications, skills and career background would make me a
valuable asset to your company.References are also
available on request.




Education and


Project-Designer CAD-CAM-CNC-PLC - Health
& Safety Manager - Drone Pilot


Pilot license


Entry Register Technical Consultant Law Court


& Safety Manager -
H&S Manager Legislative Degree 81/2008


Entry Register Industrial Engineer number


Diploma in Mechanical


Technician - Naval Mechanic


Certification IMO-STCW: Seafarers with Designated Security Duties


Diploma Engine Cadet


Certification IMO-STCW/95: First Aid, Fire Fightingh, PPST, PSSR


Entry Register “Sea People” 1th Category
n° 32377 Compamare Molfetta


Rov Piolt - Commercial
Diver - Instructor


Rov Piolt Technician


Entry Register
Commercial Diver Compamare Barletta


Commercial Diver Class III Surface Supplied n° 16/2017


category III work at height with harnesses (Directive 89/686/EEC)


First Aid to Work In-shore Off-shore DMAC 11
(REV1/2001) / IMCA / D.L.81/2008


Dive Instructor React Right: (First Aid, CPR, O2, AED)


Dive Instructor Advanced Level and BLSD


Dive Guide and Dive Instructor Basic Level


Lifeguard issued by the “National Society of Saving at Sea Genova”


Civil Protection Sea section Divers Team

Personal Skills
and Competences



English (Cambridge Certification)


Reading writing verbal

Mother tongue

B2 level

A1 level


Operating Sistem Windows, Office, Management Software Gamma Enterprise, SAP,

Design Autocad 2D-3D, Computer Graphics, CAD 3D Modelling, Video, Design Engeneering Construction CAD-CAM-CNC, Industrial Automation PLC (Omron-Siemens), CISCO Computer Network Management for home and Businesses


category A for motorcycles, category B for vehicles, Nautical for boats, for Forklifts


RTF certificate Radio-Telephone ,
Meteorology, Accounting, PLN
Neuro-Linguistic Use of equipment for capturing and editing images and videos
in terrestrial and underwater environment, Musical Instruments knowledge (guitar - piano)
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